Hello all! My lovely band Mystery Machine has just come out of the studio and played several gigs recently and things seem to be looking up for us. Anyway, we'd certainly like opinions and any critique on the 4 songs we've got up on myspace. On our EP there are 5 songs but one of them had to be omitted from myspace unfortunately.


If you like metal/hardcore/bluegrass etc. you may be disappointed. Then again you may not be, I just don't know, so try it for yourself. In actuality though we sound a lot more classic rock influenced. I might try and write a hair metal song in future...

In closing, I would very much appreciate any feedback at all on any aspect of our music. Thank you.
This is good music. Great job. I see you only have one song downloadable and want 5 songs on your MySpace. If you add www.myspace.com/bodog you get the ability to have 5 songs up but none can be downloaded. Hope that helps.
I remember when you posted the non-studio recordings and I can't really say that there is a big difference. You guys have some good material and if you guys came to my town I would certainly not think twice about coming to a show. I respect you guys a lot more than most bands on this site; you say you're classic rock and actually sound it.
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