So what is the advantage of jumbo sized frets? The way I see it it's a disadvantage. If you have quite small hands like me, you won't be able to stretch your fingers wide enough for those 1-2-3-4 exercises on the lower frets. Enlighten me please.
jumbo frets you don't have to push as hard to fret the note, and you don't have to be right on top of the fret all the time. however, it's possible to fret too hard and make the string go sharp. and fret wear is more easliy noticeable.

just try out a guitar at your local store and see how they feel to you. to me, they're easier to play.
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well one aspect of it is... look at a scalloped guitar neck. The point of scalloping frets is so that you have to put almost no force on the fret to make the note sound. They try to copy this in an inexpensive way with jumbo frets, you just dont have to press as hard
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As Doug Said, you don't have to push as hard to fret the note and the finger can fit in easier.