The meaning of my songs might not always be apparant but i can assure they do have them. Wrote this one years ago but it seemed as good a one to start off with as any.

First post here but be as harsh as you like, i'm a big boy !!

I'll help you recover
cause it's now that you've discovered
If you're beaten by temptation
Then you'll loose your concentration
You've had plenty time to wait
But now you tell me it's to late
The key was there, the lock was gone
The light was near but never on

The time is near but still unknown
I'm in a house thats not my home
Think my sense has gone astray
You look but then you turn away
I feel the light receading
The sound has lost it's hearing
The world goes on without a thought
Of slowing to let me off

I'm not your conscience still you do as i command
I'm the devil on your shoulder and you know i've got a plan
So come and leave this place, now follow me
Cause if your moments take my breath away
Then i dont wanna breathe
Please i beg you dont take heed to all the words they've said
Cause the worst vice is advice from the voices in your head
When it seems a life like this just dosent want you anymore
Face the heavens when it rains and let it pour, once more

Searching for the signs to follow
Cant give up and wont give in
Lets just go and make tomorrow
I can give you everything
Your on my thoughts and in my head
I cant remember what we said
Dont stop now, i'm getting older
Wake me up and start all over

Although todays not yesterday
It's gonna hurt me just the same
Theres no poetic words to say
Just faces in a picture frame
Absense make the heart grow fonder
Faith and hope they make me stronger
Life wont stop, keeps getting faster
I've lost the dream i'm chasing after

I know you wont accept it but the truth is where the secrets hide
You feel you must reject it cause you know the way, dont need a guide
The echo of you silence is still ringing in my head
If the answers found in science then explain to me the path you tread

Monkie - Mod-Punk-Indie

All work posted has already been copywritten

"The worst vice is advice"

"Freedoms never having to say sorry for my sins"