Ok so a while ago i bought me a Zoom G2.1u in which i also get the Cubase LE recording program.

So i installed it properly and i managed to get the sounds recorded and stuff.

But now when i like play a chord, and i turn on the "monitor-function" to hear the guitar playing through my computer speakers, it seems to have picked up a serious delay. I play the chord, wait for a second or 2 and than hear it through my speakers?

Is this normal, or do i have to adjust something in the settings?

I dont use cubase but ive used other programs and i also get a 1-2 second delay.
Latancy i think its called. Something to do with your soundcard. Correct me if im wrong please
Happened to me when first using Ableton Live, but doesn't anymore. I just had to mess around with a few settings and maybe install a new ASIO driver, I don't remember exactly. Now I have no noticeable latency.
I used to have that problem alot so heres what I did ot correct it..

First of all cubase sucks...but use what you have...

Second of all you need to download and install an asio driver.. I think cubase will come with one but I never really liked it and it never really worked well with my audio input on my midi keyboard...

I suggest asio for all.. mabey its called asio4all.. i dunno nor do i care to look it up now but just get one and then configure the latency as they guys mentioned before to around 13 or 14 ms or was it ns... something like that... Or just play around with it until you can get a good return sound...

Also Its probaly best if you dont listen to what you playing while your recording... it might throw your timing off so typicially what I do is record the first track by ear and a metrenome then i used that as a basis for the remaining parts drums.. midi... even guitar solos sometimes..

ultimately you just need to play around with your equipment to get a good feel of what to do and not to do in order for you to get the sounds you want...
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It's called latency, it's basically the slight delay it takes for your sound card to convert the analog signal from your source (guitar) to a digital signal for your computer. There will always be a latency, however it can be minimized to where it can not be heard.