im wanna totally pimp out my old squire strats pickups so right now i wanna put in a gibson burstbucker pro pickup as my bridge (im going to chisel out the pickgaurd so it will fit a humbucker, the cavity has enough space to fit a humbucker in each possition so dont worry about that) then a EMG H4 passive as my middle and then a seymour duncan model '59 for my neck. let me know what you think or if this is even possible. just so you know im new to this stuff so i guess this is a challenge that a wanna take on
So long as you aren't mixing passive and active pickups, it should be fairly simple.
yeah it will work but use a jisaw to cut the holes

I used a chisel once on a saga kit ...
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people ruin metal like a7x.
i put the emg in the middle because i wanted controll over it but if i wanted to i could change the tone knob from the middle pickup to the bridge that would work right?
There are lots of different ways to wire up strats to give tone control for all the pickups, but with as standard 5 way, I believe you will always end up with one pickup that has no tone control when it's selected on it's own. My strat currently has the middle pickup wired that way.
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yeah it will work but use a jisaw to cut the holes

I used a chisel once on a saga kit ...

when i started building my hawaiian electric guitar at school... a blunt chisel was the best thing they had, so i had to chisel out the pickup cavities and stuff
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any segestions on where my pickups should go, the way i orginially wanted them is messed up
as long as you do this to a squier. It breaks my heart to see a fender that doesn't sound like a fender.