I'm almost positive that we had a thread on these guys, but perhaps they were brought up in a thread about protesting songs or something. Whatever...

So I had known about this group from their performance at Woodstock, but the actual band only performed one song on the DVD (Rock and Soul Music), but Country Joe performing Feel-Like-I'm-A-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag is better known.

So I know own their first album, Electric Music for the Mind and Body, and I have to admit that it's actually a lot better than I would have expected. I remember in that thread I mentioned earlier someone said something along the lines of, "I haven't really listened to them, but I'm assuming they're more of a band who was there simply to give a message, and that in musical terms there wasn't much going on,".

Well, after having listened to this album, I must disagree. In no way will this album blow your mind, but if you're a fan of the San Francisco Psychedelic Scene, this is a band for you.

They have a Country-Rock feel similar to The Byrds, as well as that Psychedelic sound that is quite similar to Quicksilver Messenger Service.

So, any fans?
I just bought a Country Joe greatest hits collection today. I like the Woodstock version of Feel-Like-I'm-A-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag a lot better than the recorded version.
I've never heard the recorded version of the song, but I'd imagine that the live version would blow it away.

It's one of those songs that is meant to be performed in front of people. Otherwise there's no "magic" behind it.