or can you the cable plugged in in both the guitar and amp ?
will it hurt anthing or is it better to unplug ?

what when you're not playing? no it won't but if you're using active pickups your batteries will drain quicker
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Since I'm assuming you have passive pickups, It probably won't hurt leaving it plugged in, unless you're running it through some pedals. If you leave anything plugged into the input of a pedal, it will drain the pedal's power.
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what when you're not playing? no it won't but if you're using active pickups your batteries will drain quicker

Same with pedals.
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oh ok but i think there's a (insert word i forgot here) inside an input to make sure that there can't get any dirt or dust or whatever inside it, and that uses a spring to open/close it..
wont that spring get weaker or break if you leave it plugged in all the time ?
Just don't be so lazy!

My friend leaves his plugged in (what a lazy ass!) and his input jack is always loose and he has to get it fixed every few months
i'm not lazy ! if you unplug and plug in all the time, the jack of the cord and the input of the guitar will wear out...
that's why i'm asking.. i just don't know what's best.
Well what do you think is worse for it?
Plugging it in for an hour, and unplugging it, or leaving it plugged in 24/7
i don't know, that why i'm asking...
basically it comes down to this: let the jacks of the cord and the inputs of the guitar and amp wear out, or let the spring get weaker...
i don't know which one to chose.
That springiness is going to eventually get weaker either way. I leave mine plugged in all the time. Haven't had any problems with my jacks. Replacing jacks is generally easy. Don't worry about it.
whats the big deal with leaving the cords in the jacks? I do it all the time and all my gear is fine.
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I leave mine plugged in all the time, and I even have active pickups. Batteries are cheap and I'm damn lazy
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^well that's not smart.

but, anyway. no it wont hurt the guitar leaving it plugged in all the time.

UNLESS u trip on the cord and knock over the guitar.

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+1 on the tripping over the cord. The active pickups might drain batteries as has been said. Passives are not a problem.
I always unplug my cables ever since I saw a jack from the inside, looks to me if you leave it in theres a bit of metal that would lose strength and stop holding it in.