This is a song I wrote about a year ago. It has really crazy time changes. Its kinda got a little toolesque thing going on I think, but maybe thats just me. It's the first song I wrote so keep that in mind when you listen to it. Just wanted to get a little crit on it. C4C. Thanks.
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very nice, it definatly has potential. very dark sounding. it kept my attention the entire time so good job with that.i say more building up would be nice and then have a place where it explodes, like everything builds up to that one point and the song explodes into amazingness and then calms down a little so it doesnt destroy the next song.... wait, what did i just say? that makes no sense at all.. ok well i think you get the point, good job especially for being your first song.

crit mine?
Go back and completely re-do it. I want to tell you that it has potential... but then, it's hard to see it... so I won't lie. Seriously, go back and start from scratch but keep the main theme of the song. Scrap those so-called "crazy" time signatures, they sound unnatural and choppy, and stick to something you can manage well. The bass has some pretty much impossible sections (since it doesn't play like a guitar), so definitely adjust those, and add some percussion... then re-post.

Best of luck... I'm sorry if I sound like a dick... just being honest.
Well thanks for the crits and I know some of the bass sounds hard but I play bass and wrote those parts just sitting around so I know they can be played. I myself am not too good at tabbing any worthwhile percussion so if anyone wants to volunteer and do that have at it. This song isn't really too serious to me and I don't think my band will play it because of the wierd time sigs, but I just wanted to see what other thought about it since it was my first song.
I will make you change your mind.

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"you're still awesome"
I agree with Leo p8 about the time signatures....
In section 2 the bass and guitar don't complement each other very well...
The Slap Bass part isn't impossible... but amazingly advanced....

other than that, it was meh.