I have a fender Pro reverb amp which can produce no gain of its own without cranking up the power tubes. I am not really willing to crank it up to 10 as it is somewhere and 40 watts and it would be too loud.

So I'll ask what you guys think I should do. Should I get the metalmuff (it seems to rank high in UG's mind) or this thing called the Catalinbread Teaser Stallion (search it up on youtube if you've never heard of it). Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks.

oh yea I play stuff from reaggae to metal, to give you an idea.
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From regggae to metal? Well, um, I play from trance to, like, mexican 'ariba' music.

Please be a bit more specific.

Name some bands.
Arctic monkeys, against me!, sublime, megadeath there are some bands. What i ws trying to say is i need something thats quite heavy but can also get quite subtle. sorry about not being specicfic enough