I was wondering what output I would use so I could record myself on an amp while hearing the music through the speaker, but having a cable run through this output into my garageband program.

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use a microphone and put it in front of the speaker?
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Well, I could, but I don't have a mic and I'd rather just buy an amp that has this output (I'm looking for one to gig with).
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Preamp out is what you use for recording, but microphones work better. i dont know if you can record and hear music through your speakers at the same time though. I mean it sounds like it would work, but if it doesnt its probably a software thing.
A Behringer GI-100 with hook into the speaker cable of your amp and give you a signal that you can record. It uses 1/4" TR jacks so if your amp only has internal wires to the speaker you would need to make cables (i.e. solder). Otherwise mic it!
Yeah, maybe I'll just consider picking up a decent mic instead. If I'm jamming with a band and recording at the same time, will the mic pick up the other intruments, or do they do a good job picking up my sound only? I'm sure it's a depend on the mic purchased, but I'd rather get a lower end as I don't want to invest a ton of money into this.
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You can set up a monitor through garageband, and listen with headphones. Though sometimes there's a bit of a lag with that...
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