I've been playing electric guitar for quite sometime, I'm playing on a gibson firebird 7. I'm trying to start to play much more acoustic, and I need new strings.

What brand, guage etc. do I want? Thanks
I think most people get medium strings, I have medium strings. I recommend elixer, after well over a month of freguent use they smell and look like pure **** but they still sound like new.
I just use Martin Medium gauge because they're usually cheap and prevalent. I should start trying others.
Ernie Ball work great for me. They're pretty common too... Use regular gauge, they work great for both acoustic and electric.
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Elixirs or D'Addario EXPs. Head and shoulders above the rest imo. Gauge is entirely up to you, i personally use 12-53s.
If you're used to electric, and suddenly make the switch to acoustic, and take the advice of a couple of posters in this thread and go with medium acoustic strings, your fingers are gonna be shot. Light gauge is the norm for steel string dreadnaught size acoustic guitars. tom183 has it right.
Not only that, but the guitar might not be able to accomidate those heavier gauge strings.
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how about extra light electric guitar strings?

On an acoustic?
so size 12-53 is what I should get?
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so size 12-53 is what I should get?

Correct. That gauge is considered "light" for acoustics. Mediums will be .013-.056 I believe, or in that vacinity. Lights are what usually is installed on the majority of 6 string, dreadnaught size steel string acoustics, either with or without pickups also.
Martins are about the best sounding, but for me their particular type of wrap makes them extremely tough on my fingertips. More forgiving brands are D'Addario EXP's and Elixer Nanowebs(my personal fave, in phosphor/bronze).
If your guitar isn't set up for that gauge, then it may cause some buzz. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try to find out what gauge of string is already on your guitar. Personally, I like to keep light strings on one of my guitars and medium on the other, using one or the other for whichever suits the style of what I'm playing better. Your fingers aren't going to be well suited for playing medium gauge or light, but they will get stronger quickly.
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