This is me and some guys from a praise band and this is our first song. My first time using recording software. So sorry for any timing problems and whatnot. This is our "acoustic" version and some parts are a little off. Hope you enjoy. Thanks

here's the link
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Sounds great. The singer at the start reminds me a lot of Switchfoot. Sounds great.

Purevolume wouldn't work, so i had to download it, but I'll just say, it's something I'll keep.

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I like it. I want to use it at my church. It's that good.

By the way, how is that Jeckyll and Hyde Distortion?
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just so everyone knows this song was written for the invisible children.. and if things go right we will be able to record it in a real studio and put it on a benefit CD for the cause.. thats where the inspiration for this song came from.
actually the "bass part" isnt on there nor is it finished being written.... the low stuff is just a really bass heavy guitar I have as an extra..
The chord progression and sound seems to be almost exactly like Dare You To Move....

But good none the less! The voice isn't exactly my cup of tea, but it's cool.
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