Ok so i have been playing drums for 2 and half years now and I have been playing guitar for 2 years. Yesterday I went into a music store and I saw these awesome Ludwig drums for about 750 bucks. I really want them and I just need about 80 more bucks and they can be mine. Then I told my dad about them (he also plays guitar) and he says that I should save my money for a guitar (probably a Gibson SG or a Fender Telecaster). But the thing is I already have a damn 1976 Fender Stratocaster so I'm all good but I have crappy Excel drums that sound like crap. He thinks I should save up for a guitar because I play guitar alot more then drums and also he just wants another guitar. But I think that I would play drums alot more if I had a nice good sounding kit. What should I do?
get the drums if that is what you want and will get you playing. plus irs just ****ing awesome to be a drummer (i wish i was one).

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man i would go fo drums i have a crappy kit but a good enough guitar and drums are always just fun!
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im always going to be a dedicated guitarist at heart, but its kick ass to go out and jam on a drum set with friends as a second language to me. go get the set, and just keep playing guitar as much as you do and do more drumming. hell you could be the next dave grohl.
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I would say whatever you want and it sounds like you want drums. Remember a good guitarist is pretty common, but a good drummer isnt.
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Just joking. Buy whichever feels "right" for you. I play guitar but I always wanted to play drums. I just don't have the space.
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I'd say go with the drums if you already have a decent guitar.

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Go for the drums, sounds like you want them more, and Drums are awesome lol.
Or buy a bass 0.o
Rebel against your dad. Get the drums. He will probably use the guitar more than you will too. He wants you to buy a guitar for him. Buy the drums..

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kill your dad, sell his parts, then you can have both. It's the perfect plan

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