Righto... not completely done, but pretty far along... just trying to decide what to do after the second chorus.

Influences are in the GP files... acronyms and whatnot... i was bored haha

I dont know why, but at each chorus, there is this one note that rings throughout the whole thing, I really dont know why it does that..., it's only in the Midi.

I appreciate any crit you all have

Thanks for listening
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The lead riff around 0:45 is pretty sick! Thats pretty much the only thing that really stuck out in my head as being awesome. The synth around 1:20ish is pretty sweet too! I would just make the volume of that wayy higher! That would be sweet. The duclimeir or whatever is really sweet around 1:50. Again, the synths at the very end would sound way more awesome if the volume was higer. Just my opinion though.
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I really liked that
The first thing that kinda annoyed me was the drums in verse 1...it kinda ruined the riff, the guitar sounded great but when the drums got fast it kinda sounded weird
The tapping part was awesome, definatly my favorite part of the song
The bridge was really good too...solo wasn't anything special, but I assume it would sound pretty cool on real guitars
Overall a very good song
sorted out the note ringing problem, on the next 3 or 4 bars you have left a few tie notes(L) before the pm notes, holy crap, during the last outro bars i must of counted about 10 tie notes you have left there, thats why the note rings for ages
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Other than the note ringing problem, which Doritos sorted out, that was excellent.

I loved the way you combined the various melodic death influences. Especially the DT + COB. That kicked ass.
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I really liked it! The keyboards were fantastic, they really add a lot to some of the lesser riffs! The tapping part was genious, i really dug that! The second verse was my favourite part, again because of the keys ! The bridge had a nice orchestral sound to it (but not too much, which i liked!). The only bad part was the solo, it was a little boring for my taste, and it sounded as if you were playing the same lick over and over again... .

Overall: change nothing except for the solo and i will buy your album

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