i was kinda pissed that this guy that said low action has nothing to do with how good the guitar is. i think that it has a lot to do with it. comment?
it doesnt because it can be adjusted to the correct level

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If you think about it, a correctly leveled fretboard will contribute to a lower action. If a guitar was not fret leveled properly, you'll be stuck with higher action.

Craftsmenship aside, whether or not a guitar is "good" is purely subjective, along with action - Some people prefer higher action. In their case, they wouldn't be missing much if the action was incapable of going lower and they may feel that particular guitar is great.
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Action is more about personal taste than quality of guitar...

You could take a top of the range PRS and make the action as high as it can be adjusted and it's still a great guitar, or you could take a plywood special and set it up right, with a really low action and it's still a plywood special - it's got nothing to do with quality at all.
A good guitar will be capable of having high quality low action, but high quality low action does not make a guitar good.

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One thing has got nothing to do with the other. A good guitar can be setup poorly, and poor guitar can be set up good.
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