Does anyone know a Chord Progression that is tricky, melodic, sounds good, and gets your fingers moving?

I cant seem to get a good one that is hard, i need this for getting my fingers in better shape, thanks
Learn "Josie" by Steely Dan or if you reeaallly want a challenge and a fun thing to pull out and make people **** try "Chinatown, My Chinatown" by Chet Atkins (yes that's one guitar good luck)
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seriously though, listen to DaliLama.
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Look into some Dream Theater.

Which DT song ?


Ok, ill look into those songs

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To get you started on single-note riffs

Black Sabbath - Into The Void
- War Pigs
Megadeth - Blood Of Heroes

Those will build you up in no time. From there you can move on to Master Of Puppets, Mary Jane, and other leadwork.
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Final Fantasy

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dream theater is a good band to look into, just about any of their songs tbh
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Supergrass - Moving
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Granted, they're crap, but they're decent.
he honestly doesn't realize the importance of a chord progression :/

sad, really
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