anyone know the chords for this lovely song?


I think the motes in the melody are mainly C, D, Eb but playing it using those chords as rhythm doesn't sound right.

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I'm interested too - really like the song
I don't even care to shake these zipper blues...
It's hard to make out from the video (or at least the one I saw) but definitely uses C, Bb, and F pretty exclusively. The first verse is tough to hear b/c it lacks a bass (I usually use the bass note to determine chord structure).

The middle break goes C - Bb - F - Bb - C

Play around with the C, Bb, F you should be able to figure out the rythym!
I listened to another version and there is definitely a G# chord in their too. Doesn't use it much. The majority is just that C - Bb and back riff. Cool song, just a bit wandering!
I believe the basic chords are:

Am7 - Am13 - Dsus4 - Em (with an additional finger on the 3rd fret - 1st string) and D.

With a capo on the 8th fret, this should help you out. (Use chordbook.com if you dont know the chords)