ok i have the choice to get either a 30gb zune or a 30gb ipod and i dont know which one to get, my main question is do all the accessories for an ipod also work for a zune because i was looking at each and i think they do but im not sure. and also can you use itunes for a zune? cheers
iPod, if not a Zen but Zen's are massive! iPods are easier to use and smaller.
out of your two choices go for the zune. mainly because apple rules the market. better for the economy, the zune is. And a zen would be the best because it too can use itunes. not sure about the zune tho
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Zen is FULL of nice features, all that the Ipod has, even a sound recorder, radio, and ability to be used as a flash drive (64mb to 1 gb i think, you can set it)
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Have any of you even seen a Zen? They're the thickest pieces of fuck I've ever seen! I seriously would NEVER buy it just for that reason.
I'm going to pick up my Zen from the post office tomorrow, and I'd advice you to do the same
Also, ordering of the web is a lot cheaper, atleast where I come from.... About 800 Nok difference in price (Included shipping) which is about 120$... Which is quite a lot to save... iPods are even more almost 200$ cheaper....
On UG, everyone hates popular things, so people are gonna tell you to screw the iPod.

I, however, am not one of those people. Go for the iPod

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My zen is kickass. zunes are sweet too though.
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go the zen dude they dominate any mp3 player
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iPod!! The Zen is just a brick. Never seen a Zune but i'd say they are tough to use, tougher than the iPod anyway.