It's just a theory based on a theory (it depends on hawking radiation existing, and we've never actually been able to empirically prove that, according to the article), but this could have a lot of implications for astrophysics.
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i knew about Hawking radiation before but yeah, anything can happen i suppose...
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'When the ship reached the event horizon, it would appear to stop, staying there forever and never falling in toward oblivion. In effect, Krauss says, time effectively stops at that point, meaning time is infinite for black holes. If black holes radiate away their mass over time, as Hawking showed, then they should evaporate before they even form, Krauss says. It would be like pouring water into a glass that has no bottom.'

I don't think its accurate.

These can't be accurate, we've never had a close study.

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Interesting, but how does time stop at the event horizon? Sure, it may gradually "decrease" closer towards the singularity, but certainly not at the event horizon. Also, yes, they do radiate particles out of them according to Hawking, but how does that mean that they cease to exist? The radiation is extremely gradual. When they form, there is already a huge mass "compressed" at the singularity; it takes billions and billions of years for them to evaporate. In fact, black holes will be one of the last objects to exist in the universe, since it is gradually increasing in size and will one "day" be all radiation.
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