so it seems im always asking for an amp.. i basically bounce from playing diffrent genres.. :/
so ive decided to find a versitile amp..i need something tha can play the softest cleanest stuff to in your face death metal tones..
some bands i like are RHCP, Necrophagist, Allman Brothers, LoG, slayer, amongst tons of other stuff..
i just joined an Alt Rock Band.. but we do like covers of everything right now, and occasionally i bounce back and play some slayer and stuff..

i was leaning towards 5150 at first but thats good for metal.. then i thought twin reverb but thats good for cleans.. so ugh whats a really good versitile amp? i can spend about 800ish..
im using a tele..
line 6 flextone....i own one and u can get any tone u want out of it....from classic rock, to punk, to hard rock, to metal....and blues....and pretty much whatever else u want from it....
Line 6's are very bassy and to me sound ok...But I think you can do a lot better for the price. For this situation my friend I recommend to you the Peavey Supreme Transtube. Not the new ****ty version with cheesy graphics on the front but the old one that was made in the early 90's..http://www.andysmusiconline.com/products/peavey_supreme.html...These amps are farely hard to find but probably go on ebay used for pretty cheap. They can do really high gain but also all the other things you have listed.

Now dont let anyone on this forum say anything to you about this amp being **** because its Transtube because I bet 95% of the people on this forum have not even tried one.

The one thing to note about this head is it will probably not sound very good with a **** Cab. But when paired with the right one it'll blow most tube heads out of the water. I would know because I've owned a Marshall Dsl 100 and have tried Mesas and 6505's. This thing can keep up with the best of them. I personally own this head and use with a custom made cab so the cab makes a BIG BIG difference in the sound.

Also here is the kind of sound this amp is capable of...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljZlhTNkPSE&mode=related&search=

If you ever come across this head...give it a shot.
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i've had my eye on the mesa boogie line, my price range is under $600.

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maybe you could buy a picture of one for 600, and just pretend for awhile...

did you ever get the chance to try a Reverberocket? thats what you were leaning to in one of your other threads.
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nah no one around here sells em.. i checked like 4-5 diffrent stores.. however ill keep looking..i havent forgotten about it..
I like the Transtubes a lot. I would recommend them for anyone that for some reason refuses to get a tube amp. They are about 25% toward the sound of tubes (which is much more than I can say about any other solid state amp and I have owned lots of them.