Poll: Should we replace the handshake with a hug?
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35 44%
44 56%
Voters: 79.
I just watched the Sick Puppies video with the guy giving out free hugs, and I thought to myself "What if we did away with the handshake, and everyone just used the hug to greet eachother?"
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No. Some people smell like tacos. And the smell of tacos is only good if it's coming from a taco. Not some guy's sweaty armpit.

edit: And have you heard of autism?
i think so, i like hugs
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i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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Hug me and die.

edit: unless you got 38DD's then ok
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No, my arms couldn't even fit around everyone.
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I think I've hugged more people than I've shaken hands with...

But yeah, Hugs >handshake.
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No. Some people smell like tacos. And the smell of tacos is only good if it's coming from a taco. Not some guy's sweaty armpit.

edit: And have you heard of autism?

Very good observation.
this is weird, i had this conversation with my bandmate and his girlfriend on the way home tonight.

yes! bring back the hug. everyone used to hug eachother when i started upper school. so what happened?!

more hugs please.
No. There are some people that I would refuse to hug, and that would make me seem rude.
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no because I would have to hug people I wouldnt want to hug and I have issues with men and major issues with physical contact
No. I don't mind hugging people who I actually like. I'm probably more huggy than many guys. But I don't want it to be impolite not to hug someone.
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Business meetings and job interviews sure would be different... Handshakes are good, just don't give me none of that limp handed stuff.
...Bleep Bloop...
Where's the option to keep the handshake for guys and ugly girls, and hugs for hot girls?????? *confused*
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-Hey!*hug each other*
-Hey man what the **ck???You ruin my suit bitch!!

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You mean this isn't normal?

So that's why I get those looks...

I KNOW!! people are so weird. i no longer know the word handshake....dang it i used it again
I like the handshake. Very cool and formal.

I'm not a fan of hugs, unless there's something special or intimate going on, or if it's somebody I'm really close to. Even then, I won't do it randomly. Jesus, I would hate to have to gives hugs just to greet people I just met.
I hug as much as possible anyway. That's an awesome idea though. It probably wouldn't happen, however, because people are uptight losers.
No! Neither one. We need buttseckz like they said said on that one site! I mean what's better than, 'Hi, how ya doin? Ok good now bend over!"

shut up

Real men give handshakes, it is the proper, respectable, manly thing to do

Women and manbitches give hugs.