so im playin bloxorz....and yea...its addicting

i have officially deemed this level IMF**KINGPOSSIBLE!!!!

im serious...there is no way this level is possible in any way, shape, or form.

passcode is 293486.

have fun losing your mind.


if you DO happen to know how to bend the rules and beat this level....directions please

edit:nobody knows?
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I just did it. Only the very last bit was taxing at all, and then i felt stupid for not getting it first time round.
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how do u do it then?
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To get to the teleporter:
Use right block to activate 2 round switches:
Moving the reunited block to teleporter:
To the exit:

copied from the first site that came up when i searched "bloxorz walkthrough."

I've been stuck on 30 myself.