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Jackson DXMB
5 83%
Ibanez RGR320EX
1 17%
Voters: 6.
Which guitar is better? I've heard bad things about the Ibanez's Edge III bridge but nothing too bad about the liscensed floyd rose Jackson bridge on the DXMB. As well, which has better pickups, the Ibanez has "Designed by EMG" pickups while the Jackons has EMG HZ pickups. Overall, would you recommend either of these guitars, if not please suggest another specific guitar for my metal tastes wihtin the budget of $550. Thanks.
Jackson DK2M

Mesa Single Rectifier Half Stack

Boss GT-8

Line 6 Uber Metal

Dunlop 535Q Crybaby

Peavey Rage 158
I prefer jacksons over all for metal, or anything. Ibanez is really for that paul gilbert/joe satriani shred stuff. Ibanez also has really small frets. Or at least the ones I have tried.
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