Hey guys and gals, I recorded some riffs today and was wondering what you guys thought.

They are titled Rock Riff 1 and Rock Riff 2
Rock Riff one is just straight up with some jazz chords thrown in the end for a little spice.

Rock riff 2 is more imporvised starting out with clean with some blues then goes into a more punk alternative feel.

Crit for crit, hope you enjoy

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rock riff one would sound pretty kool with some drums and bass in there. other stuff was pretty good to.
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Listening to rock riff 2. So far I like the progression, and the solo over it adds a cool, real cool vibe into it. The tone is very good on the solo. when it gets into that alternative kinda punkish feel, it still keeps the main vibe so thats pretty cool. I like what you going on in this one. Add more to it, and I think it has a lot of potential.

Rock Riff 1. Very rough, thats good I like it, its very dirty too, thats pretty damn cool. Definitely needs some drums. But this is a very good riff, catchy too. Kinda reminds me of pearl jam, some parts do anyway. Other parts sound kinda punk. But its a very groovy riff. Keep working with that. I like that little breakdown, sounds very good. I like it, keep it up. Thanks for the crit on my stuff.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
i like riff 2 the most, gets some drums and vox in there tho. and i like how u changed from blues to punk.
riff 1 was ok, i think u need to play the song more and make it flow a lil better. still would be better with drums and vox.
there r some pretty solid ideas here, keep it up, i want to here more from u and c how these songs turn out. crit mine link is in my sig under recordings
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riff 2 sounds way better than riff one in my opinion and that you should get some drums and vocals to go with both of them.... these are great starting ideas for a song and i like the riffs but you gotta make them into a song cuz i hate just listening to random riffs so maybe you should start sitting down and composing for like 4 hours thats what i did lol and it kinda sucked but was worth it

check mine out?
Rock Riff 1:
It has a rough, crunchy sound to it. very nicely done. i like some of the chord progressions you are using. some parts sound kind of punkish and some are just unique. very catchy riffs. would sound much better with drums.

Rock Riff 2:
Like it a lot. Interesting progression with a nice bluesy lead guitar at the beginning. once again would sound much better with drums. I like the heavier riff also. the bass seemed a bit off and possibly a bit out of tune, i couldn't hear it very well. now all you need is a melody of some sort over it and some drums and your set

i'd suggest getting some drum program or something. you can check out fruity loops, cakewalk sonar, cubase, or I'm sure theres some free program that can do it. you just make your drum loops then record it with audacity or if the program allows you to save them in an mp3 format. then you just record with the drum beats you made. you could also use torrents to get the programs but i can't link you to anything cause its all completely illegal.