Yeah so i bought this washburn guitar. the place i played it at it sounded okay, his amp only had a clean setting. i plug it in, the electronics sound shot, there is nothing coming out except fuzz and every now and then an open string. he sells me the guitar for 100 dollars. he bought it in 1993, and has played it twice, its brand new, with a hardshell case. its got EMG selects in it, so im thinking, it cant be that bad, its emgs...

Well i get home, and i take it apart to see what the problem was, the input wire had frayed, so 5 minute fix and its perfect. the EMG select humbucker...oh my christ... sounds so incredibly terrible. it has no output, no harmonics what-so-ever, its got a real nice floyd rose on it...screaming harmonics? dont even think about it. never get these pickups, i want my duncan JB, but they are to expensive....if anyone know where to get something HOT that is cheap (i need hot pickups, i bought this guitar specifically for shredding because of the floyd) let me know please.
fight the power that be
nah these are passive, i dont mess with active unless its originally active, im not about to do a switch over.
fight the power that be