Hi, I'm plannin on buying a Jackson DXMG at GC for $499.99. How much do you think that I could succesfully haggle the price down to? I'm asking this because I've never bought from a GC before. Thanks.
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two words: search button

EDIT: acutally you just posted in a thread i made exactly like this no more than a few hours ago you dont even need the search button, only a brain
I managed to get my strat for 100 dollars off list price with some quality haggling.

Get the floor model, and be as big of a prick as possible in picking out every flaw in the instrument.
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The invoice on MOST guitars is around half of what the price tag says. Aim for around 75% of the price and you'd be in good shape, and if you could manage 65% that would be awesome, though don't expect them to throw a bunch of extras in such as a hardshell case or anything along those lines.

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