I have a Dean Vendetta XM and im getting a Line 6 Spider III 75. Now.. Im wondering if i should just get my XM upgraded or buy a new one. I play mainly punk ish.. and hard rock. I kinda' play sloppy but thats the way I like it so. I've never really upgraded a guitar or anything so im wondering what kinda' stuff i should get.
Such as..


I've never did stuff like this so.. if you guys could help me i'd appreciate it.
I need some pickups with good distortion and sustain. something that will make my power chords sound good.

Uhh.. my budget would be around.. 250.
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First, Do not buy that spider, just dont. Do not be fooled by the "hundreds of amps in one" ****, There are many better options for an amp.
Second, I'd say you should go ahead and buy a new guitar, I personally suggest an Ibanez, but you could browse.

i cant help you on the pickups though i have never upgraded much.

Good Luck!
You can never have to many guitars and I agree, forget the spider there is much better out there in the price range.
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Don't buy the spider.

Now that I've said that...

If you really must...I'd say buy a new and better guitar, there really isn't much point in upgrading yours as I don't really think Pickups and stuff will improve the sound quality much, if at all.
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