well i thought that was pretty awesome. i liked the acoustic part, i thought that was pretty cool. twas pretty poor to see like 10 people viewed it but noone commented.

the whole thing sounded pretty melodic in my opinion. all up id say about 7/10, only because some parts were a little repetitive, not too repetitive though, its just some of the riffs that were repeated, could have been repeated less mabye? i dunno, thats just me being critical, oh well.

great job

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pretty awesome. i can never write good songs in 3/4 time, but you pulled it off nicely. the octaves at the start sounded good. gave it a very upbeat hard rock feel. the interlude was cool. i like the thing at the end of 18. im still trying to decide if the interlude fit the song though. i guess it was fine. verse 1 was pretty awesome. not really anything bad i have to say about it. verse 2.1 (wat i think should be 1.2?) had a cool lead riff. but i didnt like the fast bass drumming. thats just my taste tho, nothing wrong with it. breakdown was nice. guitars worked great together, but the chord started at 37 just stopped at 39. sounded bad, so u might want to fix that. i dont know whats wrong. bridge had a nice heavy feel. good up until 64. i think you probly meant for it to sound like that, but it just seemed like a bad out of tune instead of a good out of tune., lol. again in 68. i think the lead part at 65 should be brought out more. i have the same comments as before for the second interlude and second verses. nothing really special in the outro but it was fine.

overall, pretty good song.

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thecameronator: Arghhhhhhhhh. Lol. I try NOT to make it repetitive.

Its_Rock77: The song is kind of Melodic Metalcore with some Doomy parts in it, thats why the was the off part in 64
And the Breakdown was supposed to be abrupt
In Verse 2.1, the fast Bass Drumming makes the whole riff. If you slowed it down it would probably ruin the song
Thanks for the crit

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I like my songs to have bits odd parts
It may not sound like the interlude fits to you, but it makes the song in my head

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As I listen:
Intro/Chorus is great. I like the lead progression. Interlude is good, but as they said it kinda doesn't fit. The B in bar 21 throws me off a bit, not the note I'd like to hear, but it works the more I hear it. Breakdown is pretty sweet. The acoustic stuff gives it a nice break from all of the distortion. I really love those Chorus octaves. The rhythm in the breakdown just doesn't do it for me, theres not really a flow or anything. The lead in the breakdown is too buried and needs to come out more. Verse is still good. Ending is good and heavy. Overall a great song if not just a little short but thats probably how you wanted it. I'd could never write heavy songs like this so to me this is a really good job.

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