With a re-formed line-up and incredible new material.
Eight Tentacles.

Winter '07
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ahaha yes i love your band.
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
So stoked!
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our rythym guitarist made up the best rap ever. makes fun of the "milkshake song"

my breakdowns bring all the crews to the pit
and theyre like, "lets dance to this ****!"
damn right, we dance to this ****
I 2 step, windmill and spinkick.
Man....Untitled 2 is SICK. I dont really care to much for you untitled 3, it's alright. But 2 is Awesome.
Good name for an instrumental band.

Check out the songs later as im about to hit the sack.
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They're not talking about hardcore punk, they're talking about "hardcore." It has little in common with its roots in the '80s.

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when i ask questions. people reply with a stupid green smiley face sign

Heres lookin to you
We've been on a two year hiatus as the guitarist/genius consequently got kicked out of colleges in two countries and I learned how to play the drums.

We're back with a vengeance. hahaha.
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Sorry for double post, another new song up!

Hoping to record sometime next week.

We have a very unique thing going on.

We are a 2 person band at this point, not looking to gain any more members.

We have drums and guitar, for the synth, it's pre-programmed and we play along with it/the videogame soundsamples.

It's a really cool sound that no one's done before and we think it sounds pretty ill.
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Dude, I have no idea.
We have 50+ midis and they might all be lost unless the guitarist has them.
His aim is JeddToFall, if you IM him asking about them he might be able to hook you up.
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