Hey guys, I'm only 15 and at my school I have to sing for my music class and my friends wanted me to do Pain by Three Days Grace and they would play instruments but I prefer to do the song Let It Die by Three Days Grace. I will have no problem convincing them to change the song but I really don't have any confidence. I sing all the time and I'm getting better as I go along but I've never sung infront of people before and I'm not a tone deaf person so I know when I sound good and I've been sounding good but I really lack confidence. Can I get any help here ?
Yeah, Let It Die is definately more appropriate than Pain.
Well, honestly, it might take just a while for you to get over your fear. (I used to have terrible stage fright: I ran out of three consecutive auditions crying throughout middle school. But eventually I got over it because confidence comes in knowing that you're good, and knowing that other people like you.) Then again, sometimes your confidence is what makes you good. So I say, even if it's not real at first, you're just going to have to fake it for a while. But it's easy. Plan something short and sweet to say that's clever before you play; figure out something funny you could say about the song or about yourself to warm up the crowd a little bit and make yourself laugh before you start playing. Practice in front of a mirror and make yourself look cool, then imagine yourself playing in front of the mirror when you're in front of everyone else. Don't lock eyes with anyone. Look at the back of the room; literally everyone will think you're looking towards them, which shows confidence, but you won't be thrown off guard by someone looking at you funny (since you'll be looking at the wall in the back of the room). Or, if you wear glasses or contacts, don't wear them right then. (if you're a paranoid person, I wouldn't suggest that. But if it would help you to imagine everyone smiling, I'd do it. But in most cases I probably wouldn't.) Anyway, just remember that skill comes in time, and you'll get better soon, no matter what anyone thinks. So keep your head up high and pretend like you're a rockstar. That's how people become famous (or at least gainn confidence).

Good luck. I hope you do great.

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Thanks alot indiepistolgirl. I know I can sound good and alot better than other people I know that sing but yeh just was lacking confidence. I guess I'll take a risk =) thanks