So far i've only used the horizontal left/right movement vibrato and decided I should go for that up/down technique instead but I just can't crack it. I hope this makes enough sense because I don't have any technical terms

Any decent videos/suggestions/lessons?
I finally got my hand to act sensibly, but guidance would still be useful on how best to improve
I like to use the blues type vibrato. Place 1 finger on the note and rattle your hand lik mad. Check out some BB king vids on youtube to see what i mean. Really rings out the notes nicely. Its all about practice tho and how the way you move your wrist.
Lock the groove between your thumb and your index into the bottom side of the fretboard, and use your wrist to cause your fingers to move up and down, rather than just using your fingers, hopefully that makes sense.
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I use two techniques. I don't choose which one to use, it just comes naturally. Learn both.

One is the blues vibrato. It comes from the wrist. Fret the note and turn your wrist. It'll bend the string downwards. Get on YouTube and search for BB King videos.

The other is a wider technique. It's basicly a quarter/half step bend, repeatedly up and down.

The vibrato should be personal, so the best you can do is just play and it should come.
I've been practicing like nuts and I can do the bend style vibrato now
Best way to get a wide vibrato: Get out your metronome and vibrato eighth notes (slowly), make sure that your vibrato cleanly hits a note a whole step up from your starting note.
Practice your vibrato slowly, then gradually speed it up to achieve some killer vibrato.
Yeah, start slow and build it up.
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Violin technique vibrato, don't know if it would work as well with frets though.