i just bought some new stings, and they are a thicker guag than my old ones.
i know the thinest string in my new pack is .10, but i dont know what my old ones are.
do i have to do anything to the nck before fitting the strings like change the angle because i heard once before that you shold do that?

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how do you know that the new ones are thicker gauge if you dont know what the old ones were?

anyway, 0.10 isnt all that heavy, its not likely that you will need truss rod adjustment. If you have a floating bridge then you will most likely need some adjustment there, nd maybe the intonation after that.
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the only string smaller than .10 is .09 so that's what you old strings were.

if you're only going from .09 to .10 you shouldn't have to do ne thing to the neck. you'll have to ajust your whammy bar if you have one, but that's it.

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If you have a floyd bridge then you may have to adjust the screws holding it down.