I recently had a thread called "2 Questions : )" and it was about how I tabbed Radium Eyes Ver 3 by Count Zero and where my username was it said unregistered. I asked how to change "Unregistered" to my account name. Some people said I needed it to update others said I wasn't logged in properly, and now that I think about it I guess I wasn't logged in properly, but how do I fix it and put it under my account name???
I said in the other thread Dyuha's in charge of tabs and I think usually deals with this kind of thing, so you'll have to PM him explaining what happened with a link to the tab and if he can/has the time he might change it. I'd guess he's a pretty busy guy so you may have to be patient.
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The PM will go in to his inbox (provided it's not full) regardless of whether he's online or not.
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Now how do I delete a thread? (or i cant?)

Click "edit" under the first post and choose the delete option.