So, Here's the image - I totally don't get how you'd do any of it. I know how to read Tabs but what the **** is that?

Just shows you which notes make up the scale. Play them one at a time. Its kind of like a chord chart rather than tab.
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image its a fret board: the lines ar the strings,and the dots shot wut fret to hold
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Image 1:

Try that for the first one and tell me how that works out
Image 2:

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5
It's MINOR pentatonic (the minor root is hilighted) in different positions. Connect them up the fretboard. Use the red dots (root note) to help you.
Thanks for the help People! I appricate it... Damn It sucks being not only a noob, but a **** guitarist.
I think you're confused because the five diffirent images doesn't show which fret you're on. There's your problem. But I'm too lazy to do it now, sorry m8

EDIT : Or maybe not lol. You seemed happy with the advice you were given before^