I have a Silvertone BAXs amp, I have been using it for about 6 months and now it's just dead.... it doesn't work... Now it just makes really loud noises when I plug it in. Does anybody know why this happened?
When you plug the cable in your bass or when you plug it in your amp? Could also be the bass...
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if u have active pickups in ur bass, it might be the battery going flat

or its ur amp, and i wouldn't know what to do to fix that
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Well, I don't get it... some times it will work and then sometimes it will just die or it will randomly make really loud noises. My bass is a Silvertone Revolver if that helps.
make sure its not your cables. if the amp works sometimes, thats good. might be somthing simple. if you don't feel comfortable opening it up to check for loose wires, or connections, take it to the shop you bought it from. if it was new when you got it, it might be under warranty.
i had a similar problem w/ my schecter cv-4
just out of curiosity, have you been using planet wave cables w/ the compression springs?
because those springs will push the pins on the input jack of you bass away from the plug, which will give it a weak connection
might try pushing those pins towards the middle of the opening, to ensure they're making good hard contact to your cable (sorry if i'm vauge, i'm not sure how to explain it well)
Sounds like a bad cable. I used to get it. Just buy a new one.
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Alright, thanks guys. Yeah, I have a warranty, so whatever it is the amp or the cable I can just call Silvertone and get a new one for free.