i have bin playing for about 3 years now and i was gonna try and write my first solo. all my other onces hav bin improvised but i dont know where to start?

any help

You should improv for a while, and take the best parts of your improv and put them into a mental "Solo Structure Pot". When you get done making up stuff, take the parts you like the most and string them together into your solo. You may have to add little connection parts afterwards, but all in all, you could have your first solo written in probally one day.

You might not keep it, but "your first anything" is usually a learning experience.
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What I like to do is think of solos up in my head. It's weird but I just makes the sounds in my head and copy them onto the guitar. But I also do what lagunasunrise said and just improvise, take what sounds good, and keep going.
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Maybe try some solos by Metallica, they are a bit ambitious and you have to practice a long time, but it sounds wonderfull in the end.
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