Im about to go into my first build and am rather new so I have what might be stupid question, on the stewart macdonald website they offer humbucker mounting rings and height adjustment screws and springs, do I need to order these or will they come with the humbucker pickups that I will probably buy at my local guitar shop. Also, they offer two different heights of humbucker height adjustment springs, 13/16" length and 1-5/8" length, does it matter what height I choose?

pickup rings dont usually come with the pickups
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The height adjustment screws and springs usually come with the pickups. At least they have with all the Semour Duncuns I've ordered. I can't speak for other pickup brands, but, I would expect them to come with the springs and adjustment screws too. As for the pickup mounting rings, depending on which rings you get and from where, you may need to order screws to mount the rings to the body.