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yahoo mail
8 18%
26 58%
other (dont know many names but mention with your post
16 36%
Voters: 45.
This poll is for only curiosity: what Email do you use to communicate?Mine, yahoo mail whats yours?
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I have a Hotmail account, but I don't really get E-mails... usually I just use MSN Messenger to talk to people.
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Oh my God, this have been done over a hundred times.

Not as much as the myspace thread.

A new thread about "who here has myspace" everyday.
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I use my uni mail @ex.ac.uk FTW
I've got a Sympatico account but because Bell and MSN decided it would be a good idea to integrate their services, my mail is on the Hotmail servers.

I hate it so much and I just can't be bothered to find the POP information to set up Thunderbird.
gmail FTW nearly 3 GB of space
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Gmail, I likt to watch the storage capacity on the main page getting bigger and bigger.
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Man that's badass.

Hotmail, I only ever fill around 4% of the inbox (Thats a few hundred e-mails) so it suits me fine.
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