What scales to metalcore bands such as As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage use to do those melodic, uplifting little licks that tend to close off riffs? I'd assume major, but I wanted to check.

Also, I figured Killswitch used minor pentatonic/blues for a lot of their riffs since their music tends to sound a bit bluesy in certain bits (intro riff to "My Curse", for example).

I'm not necessarily asking about intervals they use to harmonize, just the scales they base their licks on.

I'm not asking for you to judge my taste in music either - and you can't tell me that KsE are bad musicians.

What do you guys think?
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Killswitch tend to mix up the Aeolian and Phrygian a lot, as in Rose of Sharyn.

Basically run up a section of a minor scale, but don't play it in a really "metal" way.

Learn riffs that do what you like, and really study and analyze them to see what exactly they're doing in terms of the scale and pitch relative to the rest of the song.
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Metalcore usees one of my favourite scales, in almost all songs, from what I've heard.
The scale is the eponymous "Open Note" scale.
There is only one way to play this scale. I will guide you, with these few easy steps.

The left hand has to stay away from the fretboard at all times.
The right hand must have sporadic movements, hitting the open string.
The Metalcore sound does not arise fully until said open string is a C note.
There you have it, a Metalcore song.

Only joking, I don't mind a bit of Metalcore here and there.
However, it is shocking how many bands DO tune to Dropped C, and how many songs use the single open low C, as the intro, etc.
It's rather bothering! =\

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