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i right now have an austin vintage rock and i am thinking of either getting gibson 57 classic plus humbucker for bridge and just the standard 57 classic in neck. or should i get one of these 3 guitars
1. http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_epiphone_les_paul_custom_flametop_electric_guitar?full_sku=100423281
2. http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_epiphone_les_paul_custom_flametop_electric_guitar?full_sku=100423281
3. http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_fender_72_telecaster_deluxe_electric_guitar?full_sku=511141%2e064
so basically pickups or guitar, im opened to suggestions to pickups for a bluesy classic rock /modern rock tone.
Get the Tele - it's awesome.
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The pickups in any of your three choices may not be any better than your Austin. I think that the only time you should upgrade pickups in a cheaper guitar (nothing wrong with a good quality cheap axe) is if you are never going to sell it as you will lose a lot upon resale. For your $700 you can do a little better than your three choices although I would lean toward the Fender. The Epiphones are overpriced. Go with a plain-top if you want an Epi Les Paul. Just as good (some say better) and about half the price. I would do some more shopping.
It's your decision really, they're all good guitars, just depends whether you want HB's or SC's
EDIT: New guitar, not new pickups