Just a think ive put together today, im not sure where to go form here tho, i had originally made a tempo change where this ends to 200bpm but the riff didnt sound good and the solo was broing do i scrapped it. so where should i go from here really?.

also what are good/bad points about it so far?

NewSymphMet (2).zip
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That was pretty great man. Good job. =)
I think that the strings were overpowering, sometimes it was really hard to hear the guitar on the riffs.
And the ending trill (hammer-ons/pull-offs) doesn't sound that great, but you could make it hold a little, and fade out, then come in with a slow clean part since it's melodic metal. Just an idea. =)
Thanks man. i just updated the first post with a new version with a solo. but i cant seem to get it to transfer into the solo cleanly without it sounding all out of place. if someone could help make it smoother somehow id be very greatful. im also probably going to take the repeat of of the solo and add another 8 different bars to it or have it repeat later in the solo and start with a slower 16 bar build up.

anyways check it out, thanks. and i might try an acoustic part ill see if i can write anything decent.

Sounds good man. =)
I tried to help out a little... I'm not sure I did though... lol
Use RSE with this file (I used wah).
Helpin out.zip
The riffs are good'n all, but you only have like 2 riffs.
So they get overused IMO.
And about the transition to the solo.
You could just cut away those 2 bars with hammer-ons and do some crazy drum thing at bar 50 and just leave the guitars as they are.
Also i think that you should make the solo like 8 bars longer and cut away the reapeting.

And now where you should go from here.
Well, i agree with Garb that you could go into some acoustic/string/pianio thing here.
Or you can like make some new riffs in a diffrent key,
making it sound more dark or something.

Crit my latest when you have the chance.
thanks man, yeah im thinking of making a few more riffs and putting more variations on those, and maybe an acoustic if i can think of anything nice. ill work on it more tomorrow

ill get yours tomorrow cos its late here and i cant be pumping it up to listen to it