Hey wuts up

I want to either buy or make a custom guitar the will give me a good metal/thrash/hardcore sound. I also am a lead guitarist so i solo a lot.

Which wood for the body would suit me better, mahogany or alder?

Soon to be a proud owner of a custom ibanez with a mahogany body, EMG 81 85 pickups, Floyd Rose, Ibanez Neck, Custom Paint Job(Not Sure Yet Wut Color, Let Me Know If You Have Any Cool Ideas)
To be honest, it really won't matter.
With all the distortion in your genres it won't make any tonal differences.
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Alderzz!!! Lighter so you wont be hurting your back when your playing your solo's. And sounds nicer imo, not so muddy.
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Mahogany=Sustain+Warm Tone
Alder=Lighter+Bright Tone

Since you're a solo player, maybe you'll want mahogany for better sustain and such.
You'll have to get some extra treble from your pickups so your solos aren't so muddy.
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I'd take alder personally.
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