right, so I'm getting a Standard USA strat, because I've found a nice price. Right, It's lovely for the hendrix-ish, proper old timey blues/rock and roll, but I like Iron Maiden and stuff too, so should I stick a humbucker in...?
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can't you get a fat strat has a humbucker fitted already, see what you think of the stock pickups first.
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no no dont stick a humbucker in it it ruins the strat......

no just jokes, I was toying with the idea of an HSS american strat, but decided to get a standard american SSS like you there, because i wasnt happy with the humbuckers in alot of the strats. I am planning to get a different guitar later to handle heavier stuff, which for me is like 80 grunge and vai/satch etc., such as a les paul/rg etc.

anyways just thinking that you should get a guitar that will handle what you want to play
You could put a seymour duncan hotrails in the bridge.
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