Alright so here's the story with this guitar, a while back I was looking around in some pawn shops hoping to maybe find a nice bass to refinish. After finding nothing but squiers for like $200, i stopped at this last shop on the way home. Still didn't find the bass I wanted so I was about to leave when I came across this strat copy. At first I thought nothing of it, but after asking to see it up close I noticed it had an original floyd rose in it. I was shocked and asked how much for it, the intial price was $60, but with some negotiating I was able to get it for $40. So after thinking long and hard about it I finally decided what I want to do with it. I really love E.C.'s Blackie strat and so I'm going for a similar finish but with some changes. Im keeping the none recessed floyd setup, but I'm going to fix the nut route so that it isn't on the headstock, do a refret cause the current frets are in really bad shape, change out the pickups and pots, and of course the "blackie" finish.

Here are some pics of the guitar when I bought it...

Im guessing its a 4 piece alder body but im not sure so if anyone could help me out that would be great. Today im working on stripping the body so I'll update when im done with that. So any comments, suggestions, etc...
Great find. I can't quite help you with your query, but this looks like it's going to turn out sweet. Are you going to keep the Floyd? And if so, are you going to keep it recessed? And what's up with the weird locking nut location? Maybe it's just something I've never seen before, but still. Weird.
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thats pretty epic.
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I don't think that Floyd came stock with the strat. I'm not sure, but the locking nut looks out of place. Unless it's like those old Fenders, where they intentionally placed the locking nut behind the real nut. Again, I'm not sure.
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its just a different style of locking nut used so one doesnt need to have a metal nut.
cool find!!!
Are you guys joking?
There is now way that Floyd is original.
Unless the previous owner just enjoyed hacking at his guitar and ****.

What's with the massive gouge under the trem?

Also looks like he's poorly modified the pickguard? The 3-ply looks kind of uneven and skewed, indicating that the person just angle cut it with a razor or whatever.

If I was you, I'd take the floyd off, rout it, due to the messed up bit on it anyway, or if you want to have it non-recessed, just fix up that bit, then I'd buy a Floyd-ready Fender pickguard.

Give it a proper paint job, which is what you want to do, and also the nut idea you put forward. Move that up to the fretboard like you said.

Also, this is just my opinion, but I'd probably get a laminate or paint the headstock, as it doesn't look too cool as a 2 piece. My opinion though.
^I'm agreeing. That routing definitely looks like a hack-job. Take it off and smooth it up with some sandpaper before you paint so it looks more professional.
Apart from that, it's an awesome find.
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Are you guys joking?
There is now way that Floyd is original.
Unless the previous owner just enjoyed hacking at his guitar and ****.


Also, this is just my opinion, but I'd probably get a laminate or paint the headstock, as it doesn't look too cool as a 2 piece. My opinion though.

He meant that's an OFR. Not that it came with the guitar. The OFR alone is worth far more than $40, that's a bloody amazing find. I agree with Gymmeh, re-route the floyd routing 'cause that was a seriously poor job... And while you're at it recess it as well, just for the sake of it.

What p'ups are going in there? And are you going to add any extra stuff (killswitches, coil taps, etc.)?
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The FR and pickguard are definatley not original.

I would touch up the trem cavity when you refinish.
wow, great find man, and only $40? that's a steal
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Well im back from work, I work the nighst shift so yeah...but thanks for the feedback. To answer some questions, yes the floyd wasn't originally on there, the previous owner must of tried installing it and my guess was that is was to tight a fit so he went at it with a chisel and thus the horrible gouge by the whammy bar. But the floyd is an original, its stamped made in germany in the back and the nut is also stamped made in germany but its an R3 nut and im thinking an R2 should really be on there. I stripped some of the poly off the body today in the afternoon, but I still need a good ways before reaching wood. Once im done with that I'll be filling in some dings and try and fix the route. Im not sure how to go at it, I was thinking I could fill some of the scratches with wood filler and then try to smooth it out so that it looks like it kinda belongs but im not sure, so any suggestions would be great. O Mayer and Clapton are gonna be on Good Morning America tomo....errr....today b/w 8 and 9, so check it out cause its gonna be awesome...alright Ill update some more tomorrow


Alright its been a while but with working nights i havent had as much time as i would like to work on this project, but im still getting some work in when I can.

Ive sanded down to the wood on most of the body but I still have a little work to do on the horns so ill probably finish that up tomorrow. Im still not sure what type of wood it is, I was under the impression that alder didn't have that much grain but my body is full of it, so im thinking it might be ash, if anyone could help me i would appreciate it. So anyway here are some updated pics of the body

You can see where I went at it with wood filler to fix the gouge, its not perfect but the floyd fits nicely and it isn't to noticible so im guessing it should work. Alright gotta go to work, later.
Haha thanks Ippon, I was waiting for you to come around and post in this thread, your builds really gave me the motivation to do my own. Tomorrow when I finish up with the horns im probably gonna go buy some grain filler and sand and sealer, if this body is ash then is that the right way to go: grain filler, sand and sealer, primer (do I really need to?), color coat, and clear coat. I really liked that daphane blue color you did on your first build, was that from the reranch cause im looking for a really nice color and clear lacquer for this refinish but i know the reranch store is down from time to time so maybe there are other alternatives.