im looking for a song that is really fast and challengeing i already knoeruption and most of blitzkreig.Any others??

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Also have a look at No Boundaries by MAB and The Riddle by Steve Vai
Some others to check out would be Neil Zaza, Eric Johnson, Petrucci, Becker, Friedman
Tumeni notes by Steve Morse, Altitudes by Jason Becker, Glassgow Kiss by John Petrucci.
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Good luck.
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Soothsayer or Nottingham Lace by Buckethead.

Any Buckethead, except off of Colma or Electric Tears.
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Does anyone actually have a half ways decent tab for Nottingham Lace? I can't seem to find one, all the ones on the site only have the basic riffs no one cares about.

Ya I've been hoping to get a good tab for that as well
If you're in to tapping:

Eruption - Van Halen
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If you're in to tapping:

Eruption - Van Halen

He said he already knows Eruption.
Guitars Suck by Bumblefoot- insanely fast the entire song.
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Quote by BillieJoeFreak:
If you're in to tapping:

Eruption - Van Halen

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