Ive had a few people ask me how my LP sounds because its a real old vintage (1976) and its not a Gibson, its the Aria copy. so here is how it sounds...

0:00-0:32 = Neck pickup
0:33-0:48 = Neck and bridge
0:49-1:18 (rhythm) = neck
1:01-1:18 (lead) - Bridge
1:19-1:51 (rhythm) Neck w/tone off
1:33-1:51 Neck (lead)
1:51 - End = Bridge, heavy.


give it a listen, im liking it.

Tell me how it sounds in comparison to a 70's gibson, probably not as good, but i like the way it sounds, and i LOVE the way it feels.
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the times you gave are off, lol, but it sounds pretty good to me. Does not sound quite like a 70's Gibson to me but I would likely write that off to the quality of the recording/this crap laptop I've been using for the past 3 days. Either way it sounds good, nice variety of sound ya got there.

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That sounded pretty awesome. I have a crit on the song though, the really heavy part right at the end really does not sound good when it just smashes through after that neck pick-up solo part, you should make a subtler transition.
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yeah...sounds awesome
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Originally posted by fender1618
i would rather have a guitar in place of my organs, OR CANDY
about 2.5 years. thanks guys, im glad i bought it. best TWO HUNDRED BUCKS I EVER SPENT! cost me 100 to get it fixed up though, it was in bad shape.
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Well I have 3 Gibsons from 74.... who the fark knows!? It's so dependent on your
equipment no one's going to be able to distinguish a Gibson, let alone from a
particular era. What did you expect?

I did a tone test here a while back ... people can't really even pick out humbuckers
vs single coils. ...
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quick question- what's GAS?

Gear Addiction Syndrome...?
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Quote by KissingShadows
1:33-1:51 is godly. Now I have GAS for one...thanks a lot!

wtf. i love that time. holy crap. i'm getting a les paul.
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yeah, i got a couple neat tones setup on it, i dont use any of the mods, just the amps/cabs/mics haha. never any stomps/mods, sometimes a delay though.

i just try to keep it as un-digital as possible, even though is freaking line 6. haha.
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Quote by !!Dope Man!!
quick question- what's GAS?

Gear/Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.

Also, neat sound bite. Would love to hear it through a nice tube stack.
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Quote by Guitarzan1143
about 2.5 years. thanks guys, im glad i bought it. best TWO HUNDRED BUCKS I EVER SPENT! cost me 100 to get it fixed up though, it was in bad shape.

Is the Aria all stock?