The skin on the tips of my fingers is all dry and kinda peeling. Does that mean I'm starting to develop callouses? And if so... FINALLY

Should I put lotion on my fingers or just leave it like it is?
lotion may reduce the chances of getting calluses
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DEFINATELY LEAVE IT!!! lotion will just sothin' your finger tips, i made that mistake
Leave it, once that dry skin has gone and the calouses are there then they wont be as round and dry
I'd say leave it, unless it starts to hurt. Also be sure to wipe down the strings of your guitar after you've been playing it (it's good practice to do that anyway but especially now) as dead skin plays a part in shortening string life and reducing tone.
Thanks! I will definitely do that. I did start wiping down my strings at least the last few times I practices. They are the original strings that came on it when I bought it, and when I wiped them down, there was brown stuff on the cloth I used (rust maybe? or oil from fingers? I don't know)
Combination of both, plus skin off your fingers, sweat(...not so nice really), and general wear on the strings, wiping them down extends their lives, and save money which I'm all for being a student :P
If you're just getting the peeling then wait until you shower with peeling fingertips....looks pretty gross
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What do you wipe them down with???

I use a dampened cotton cloth, phelt like materials might work but they tend to leave a stringy thread residue sometimes, and that gets annoying to clean up after, but it does the job well otherwise
There's also specific string cleaner which you can use, it might be a rip off...I don't know, I got mine for about £2 so it was worth trying it out, seems to work.
There's also those 'Swipes' or whatever they're called...never tried them so I don't have any advice on their quality.