I'm a 14 year old Sublime fan, but I think i might as well be alone on this site for fans. Anyone else?
Im a fan. Its just mellow music. I like it.
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Yeah, I like them alot. I've got 4 of their albums.
Sublime was totally great, they have a ton of classic songs
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seriously though, listen to DaliLama.
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tons of people like them.
Any Tribe Called Quest fans, is a better question

Hell yeah.

I think I prefer Digable planets though. I'm not sure.

I dont like sublime and I dont like third wave ska. I dont like it when people ask for proper Reggae reccomendations and tons of people reccomend sublime.
If you're the only Sublime fan here, then obviously most of the inhabitants of UG live under a formidably sized rock.
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tons of people like them.
Any Tribe Called Quest fans, is a better question

I like Tribe, but De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers are better.

as for Sublime, meh. I don't outright hate it, but in my school its up there with Phish as the band everyone likes/pretends to like, and it irks.
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I'm pretty sure the TS in not the only Sublime fan. But yes, they are pretty good.
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sublime is awesome.

Ill Scarlett is awesome too. Check them out if you haven't heard of them.

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