wrote this at work one day when some kid was backtalking... lil bastards...

Don’t defy me, you can’t fight this.
If you go against my wishes,
Like it or not, you will be crushed,
Smashed like a fly on the wall
Maybe it’s the future that you deserve.

V2 Don’t defy me, you can’t win this
Try as you might, you won’t be able to
overcome the fight inside of me
I would take you out very quickly
Faster than you could even begin to realize

Chorus Try and overtake me now, come on now
Let’s see what you got
Think you can do better than me, top me?
I think not
Put your money where your mouth is
Prove Yourself

V3 Don’t defy me, you can’t touch this
Thought you were tough? Think again
Got a good idea for ya, walk on home
Best show some respect next time punk
You’ll end up worse off than you already are

Bridge You can’t fight this, give up now
You can’t win this, give up now
You can’t touch this, give up now
You know I’m better, just pack it up!
Pack it up, give in! Don’t forget, you can’t win!!


V4 Don’t defy me, you can’t beat this
It should be driven through your skull by now
I have said it time and time again
You’re already beaten, don’t even try it
Should never have tried, now it’s too late

end chorus

anything is welcome! i'll try to crit one of your songs too, if you want. thanks!