On ebay i've found a 15 year old vox V847 wah pedal with a worn-out pot.
I was wondering if it is a good idea to buy and if I do what sort of pot I should get and were from? (I live in England and im looking for something fairly cheap but good)
I've heard that crybabys from over ten years ago sound better but i wasnt sure if voxes were like that, and ive heard that voxes dont handle high gain well. I mostly play classic rock with a bit of distortion.
any help would be great thanks!
I think there is a guy over there that makes a wah pot with the ICAR taper... let me find the website for you. I was going to order one but he doesn't ship to the US The Fulltone would be good too, might be tough to get over there though (and pricey)

On the subject of Vox wahs and gain... it should handle classic rock just fine.

here's the site for the pot.. http://www.wah-wah.co.uk/
congrats on the find first of all...

i'd go with john's advice here - take the fulltone pot!


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fulltone with the ICAR taper would be nice.

im getting one.
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